My name is Megan Garrison, and I am a Richmond VA based photographer and am obsessed with providing natural and non-toxic ways of taking care of my family.  I have a super cute husband, we have been married for almost 10 years, and together we created three of the most fun and crazy blonde haired blue eyed little boys.  It wasn't until I began searching for natural ways to take care of myself and my family that I came across Young Living Essential Oils.  I then learned that they can support an entire healthy lifestyle and not just aid with my daily stress by using oils and products that are non-toxic.  I literally use them for everything!  From body system support to cleaning, I promise you I was as skeptical as you likely are to hear that something that came from a plant and put in a little bottle could actually work and help my family.  Once I started researching oils and experimenting, I was HOOKED!  I dabbled with a few different companies before deciding that I am an advocate of Young Living because of the purity and guarantee of their products.  

I am also passionate about giving women tools that may help support  
stress, immunity, self love, household care, and sleep
If we could get support for those things, we'd be GREAT, right? ;)

Here are a few things I love about YLEO:
-They are the only essential oil company with their own farms and can promise a seed to seal process which makes their commitment to purity and authenticity so great.
-Their farms are worldwide so the plants can grow in the climate that best suits them.
-Oils are mostly steam distilled preserving the best components of the oils.
-There are NO pesticides OR chemicals used on the plants.  
-The oils are tested with at least 8 separate tests to ensure all of the wonderful benefits are transferred into the bottles. 
-YL has control of the whole process up until the bottle is sealed, making sure no contaminants or chemicals have been added. 

I am a Gold leader with Young Living (read more about that here) and I want to provide the best for my team. So I wrote and published a booklet here. And I run a group called The Oily Method. I have started two businesses in my life, a photography business and an essential oils business- the essential oils was a LOT cheaper to be a successful at ;)  If you are looking for MORE, I would love to help you!