Panaway | Epsom Salt Bath Mix

Young Living Essential Oil Recipes

Ohhh Panaway, let me count the ways I love you most..
1. As an after run leg rub down, 90% of the time my runs are with a double stroller with a 1 +  year old, so after going a few miles my muscles are screaming!  I dilute with a carrier oil and rub rub rub.
2. The wintergreen smell is super soothing to me, I want to eat it! (But I don't!) The aroma is refreshing.
3. Post wedding day epson salt bath.  As a photographer, for 8-10 hours I'm crouching, carrying heavy equipment, lots of constant movement.  The post wedding day hangover where your body is screaming at you is no longer happening to me.  I can get up and go the next day without feeling like I was the one having too many cocktails at the reception.
4. Afternoon pick me up.  The minty aroma will certainly be your afternoon pick me up without having to result to coffee.
5. Post yard work relief.  You know, the time spent bent over pulling weeds does a number on your back.  A quick massage of pan away and it's almost like you can go back out there and do it again ;) 

To make the panaway epsom salt bath mix:
1 cup of epsom salt
5-10 drops of panaway essential oil
Put in a mason jar, shake it up, then sprinkle in the bath! 
*This usually lasts me 2-3 baths!

Feel free to search through the website to find all about the oils that come in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  This is one of them and I LOVE it! 

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