This Mama Oils :: Wellness Plan

Once you get your starter kit you tend to begin learning about the harmful ingredients in many of the products that you buy from the store.  We utilize the "ditch and switch" method and instead of buying items at the store, we buy them at Young Living AND there are a ton of benefits for doing so:

-10% back the first three months
-20% from 4-24 months
-25% back from 25 months on

It comes back to you as "reward points" that you can use for oils + supplements on Quick Orders!  You ALSO get a free oil at months 3, 6, 9 + 12 months.

In addition to those awesome benefits Young Living also graciously gives away FREEBIES!! It starts at 100PV spent.

A LOT of the products from Young Living can be diluted. So they end up being CHEAPER than anything you're buying that is "quality" at the store (Using that term loosely y'all!) For instance: The soap is about $16 but you can dilute it about 4x (foaming pump bottle from amazon) making it $4 a bottle. 


Okay, wellness plan! Fill this out and I will send it back to you! :) 

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